June 3, 2020

My Next Endeavor

It’s been a wild year and a half. Here’s what’s next!

My Next Endeavor

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“I decided to reach out to Emily through Instagram asking for advice. I sent her videos of my daughter army crawling. She was so sweet to take time out of her day and review my videos. She told me my girl was super close. What she noticed was that she lacked some upper body and core strength. She sent me some videos and I went back to her page looked through all of her stuff to find exercises I could do…

Emily does video consults and she does her best to evaluate your little babe and help you! You won’t regret  having Emily as your sidekick! I just wish I would’ve found her sooner! Thank you Emily for your help and support!” – Kirstie W.

When I started Kinesio Kids, my goal was to simple: help as many children as possible with their gross motor development skills. 

The last year and a half has simply blown me away. My Instagram grew to over 28,000 followers, I realized I needed a website to meet the demand for information, and I was introduced to so many amazing mothers, children, and other professionals in my field. At the end of the day though, everything I do goes back to that same initial goal. 

Social media posts, connecting with new friends around the world, and growing my consultations has allowed me to help so many children in ways I never expected. Even during COVID-19 I have been able to continue seeing all my favorite kiddos and many more thanks to virtual consultations. You all have kept me so busy I actually had to hire an assistant!!

Despite everything going on, I’m excited to announce that I will be introducing one. more. offering. I’m so excited about this…. drumroll please… virtual class series! We’ll start with a series called “Back to the Basics,” which will help you mommas with subjects like rolling and tummy time. In fact, those will be the first two classes! We will have more information posted about both here on my website and of course on Instagram.

These group classes will be interactive and give you a chance to not only gain a better understanding of the issue your little faces, but also PLENTY of exercises and general solutions to help them through it. My hope is that you’ll have an opportunity to not only work with me, but virtually meet other mommas and kiddos going through the same issues. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this.

I promise that these classes, like any new offering I put out, will always go back to my initial goal from a year and a half ago: helping as many children as possible with their gross motor development skills. And don’t worry – my insta and consults will keep on going like usual. No changes there; this will simply be an addition to everything you already know and love from Kinesio Kids.

It has been such a treat seeing how many mommas like Kirstie have trusted me to help them with their kiddos. I am eternally grateful and can’t wait to continue this journey with you all!

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