Physical Therapy

Moms – please don’t Google that.

Being a parent is hard, the internet makes it even harder. With so much information, opinions and (unsolicited) advice coming our way, it can make every decision you make feel like the wrong move. We have dedicated our practice to educating parents on gross motor development so they can make informed decisions and advocate for their kids’ needs with confidence.

It’s time to say goodbye to the outdated “wait and see” mentality and show Dr. Google the door. Our team of four physical therapists, led by Dr. Emily Heisey, provides exceptional care to families across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and is ready to help your little one progress through their developmental journey.

Our Physical Therapy Services

Initial Face-to-Face Evaluation

(60 Minutes, $250)
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Before jumping into a recurring plan of care, all of our clients start their journey at KinActive with an initial evaluation. In this session, you’ll meet with one of our compassionate and skilled pediatric physical therapists to go over your child’s health history, assess their functional abilities, discuss current and/or potential challenges, and review your gross-motor goals.

At the conclusion of your initial evaluation, you’ll receive a home exercise program and recommended plan of care in order to help your child achieve the developmental goals discussed in your session.

Follow-Up Physical Therapy Sessions

(45 minutes, $160)
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After your initial evaluation, follow-up physical therapy sessions may be recommended as part of your child’s treatment plan. These 45-minute sessions custom-tailored to your child and designed to help them achieve their gross motor goals, improve physical function, and enhance their overall quality of life. At the conclusion of each session, you may receive updated recommendations and/or home exercise programs in order to continue promoting progress.


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Introducing The
Gross Motor Checklist

Stress less about your little one's development with our gross motor checklist. It outlines age-appropriate skills for ages 0-5 years old, so you can feel empowered to promote on-track development and advocate for support early!

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