Milestone Masterclasses

What are the milestone masterclasses?

Dr. Emily Heisey developed her milestone masterclasses to empower parents to promote on-track gross motor development from anywhere. These courses break developmental milestones down into concise, step-by-step processes so you as the parent can start the course based on where your child is at, and guide them to where they need to be.

Are the masterclasses only for “typical” kids?

While every child is unique, the milestone masterclasses are designed to help as many kiddos as possible, and do not address specific diagnoses. However, there are modification suggestions and activity swaps provided throughout all of the courses to accommodate various skill levels. It’s not uncommon for families to buy a milestone masterclass as use it as a home program between private PT appointments.

Do I need any specific toys or equipment to take the masterclasses?

Once you’re signed up you’ll receive an email with a list of success tips as well as some of the items you’ll see Dr. Emily use throughout the masterclass; however, none of the items she uses in the videos are required for success! For most courses, you’ll need 5-8 toys, a towel and/or couch cushion, and a quiet area to play!

I’m a clinician, can I take the masterclasses?

Since the masterclasses are designed for parents, they do not dive into diagnoses, clinical knowledge or treatment strategies. Clinicians looking to learn from KinActive are encouraged to take Building Blocks for Clinicians, which covers gross motor development for ages 0-16mo with Dr. Emily Heisey, corrective chiropractic interventions with Dr. Matt Otteman, as well as pediatric and women’s pelvic health with Dr. Michelle Little of Women in Motion Wellness.


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